Ugly Amps is going into the pedal business!

Ugly Amps is going into the pedal/stompbox business!

Now I have a new pedal and it’s called…BigFoot!


BigFoot is a gain/distortion pedal of my own design. So far, everyone who has heard it want’s one and that’s no joke! the pedal is JFET based and has five knobs: Gain, Bass, Mid, Treble and Master. I built this pedal because I hate the way so many other pedals sound! Especially with the amp at low volume.

There’s already a waiting list so get your order in soon!
Ugly 18 owners inquire about a special discount.

Also in the works are two more new pedals! The “OKW – One Knob Wonder” and “The Smile”.┬áStay tuned for more info…