About Us


U-G-L-Y You Ain’t Got No Alibi

Ugly? Founder Steve O’Boyle started converting tube P.A. gear into guitar amps because it was an inexpensive way to get a vintage tube amp compared to vintage guitar amps. “And it was a lot of fun,” he said. O’Boyle built his first amp, the “Whirley”, in 2001. It had a dual-6V6 power section from a Wurlitzer organ and a preamp he “built out of nowhere.” While walking through a jungle of semi-assembled/disassembled amps in his shop, O’Boyle mumbled something about, “There’s an ugly amp… and there’s an ugly amp. And there’s another ugly amp,” when his brother blurted out, “Ugly Amps dot com!” The Ugly Amp company was born. —Bob Dragich 

The Difference
Ugly amps is dedicated to producing the best quality amp for the working musician. We will try and hold down the prices of these amplifiers to make them affordable, to real people everywhere. We will always offer the best availble components for the best possible sound. We try and put the money into parts that actually make a difference in the sonic character of the amplifer.

Custom Amps
Ugly Amps is a small company, working on amps is what we love to do. We are building custom amps for guitar players all over the country. I think part of the secret is having the experience of building so many of the classic designs, but never building and “accurate clone” allows for more freedom of expression and the draw the most out of a tube configuration.

Pricing is something we are trying to keep down out of the boutique market almost all of our products will be reasonably priced, We are working on a proper price list, please send us a note we love to talk amps! The main thing you will like about these amps is that are are truly unique, and we care about our customers we want to build trust through reliable products and first rate customer service.

We are always working to develop lasting relationships with guitar players everywhere! Drop us a line anytime!

— Steve O’Boyle