Amplifier Repairs

I have a very strong background in electronics and have been working on amps for many years. I can repair most any tube guitar amp or tube hi-fi organ amp. Solid state can be repaired as well although in some cases it may not be worth doing.

Mods and De-Mods

The crew here at Ugly Amps will never drill a hole in the faceplate of a classic amp. With that being said, we will alter a few capacitor values to get your old Fender barking like a Vox or a Marshall. Most people, for example, use the normal channel on the old Bassman; I have a mod for the Bass channel that will make it sound like a plexi!

Custom Amps

I am working on a line of simple 2x6L6 amplifiers. Initially I would like to build heads, but the combos are in the works. Basically a small box 40-60 watt head with a very simple circuit that gives up the goods. No reverb or tremolo just 3 knobs and pure bliss. Gain, Tone, and Master. Thats it!