Ugly 6v6 1×12


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Its called… The Ugly 6v6, but its really a plexi 6v6, its about the same power as my Ugly 18, (18-20 Watts) but its more about a pedal platform. It is perfect for drive pedals of all sorts, including heavy gain pedals, it will be available in a 20W head shell, and a 1×12 combo, It has a full tone stack and a presence knob, no master volume like a real plexi , it is not a clone the preamp is actually cleaner than a plexi, that is why I say its the perfect pedal platform!

18-20 watts output
3 x 12AX7 Preamp Tubes and 2x 6v6 x  Output Tubes
Hand-Wired construction, F&T caps
Normal Channel -Controls for Volume, full tone stack
Thick Channel – Control for Volume Full tone stack
Channels in phase for bridged mode plexi style
8/16 Ohm Speaker Outputs
Dimensions: Head cabinet
(H) 8″ x (W) 20” x (D) 8-1/4“
Dimensions: 1×12 combo cabinet
(H) 20″ x (W) 24” x (D) 9“
Available in several colors

Please contact us for current lead times or cabinet info, or to talk amps!

Ugly 6v6 1×12 Combo
Price $1450
100.00 shipping in lower 48 states